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Say Hello To OpenAI GPT-4o – Now rolling out to users

Discover the power of OpenAI GPT-4o, now available for users. Experience advanced AI language capabilities and elevate your content.
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Say hello to OpenAI GPT-4o, the latest innovation from OpenAI that is now rolling out to users. This flagship model is designed to revolutionise the way we communicate and interact with technology. With its friendly and descriptive tone, OpenAI GPT-4o offers unparalleled capabilities and opens up a world of possibilities for users.

Capabilities of GPT-4o

GPT-4o (“o” for omni) now accepts as input any combination of text, imagery, audio and video. The latest model is also able to generate content in any combination of text, imagery and audio outputs. The aim of GPT-4o is to bring us one step closer to a more natural human-computer interaction.

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Packed with more features and faster and now 50% cheaper

GPT-4o is not just packed with more features that enable us to interact more fluidly with computers but it is also now more rapid and up to 50% cheaper on APIs. A model that supports realtime conversations and can even perform translation in realtime. This enables businesses to be able to integrate AI at a more affordable price whilst offering a greater set of capabilities to their users.

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GPT-4o Pricing

GPT-4o is free to all users, however, is highly dependant on capacity and the number of users who are currently using it. During peak periods, GPT-4o model will be unavailable to users on a free plan. Users who are on a ChatGPT Plus or Team plan will be able to access the model with a higher usage cap. From May 13th 2024, those on Plus plan will be able to send up to 80 messages per 3 hours on the GPT-4o model and up to 40 messages per 3 hours on GPT-4. Plus plans start at a very reasonable $20 per month.

API Pricing

GPT-4o API pricing has been literally cut in half by 50%. AI language models pricing is based upon input and output and not on the number of requests that is made. GPT-4o is priced at $5 per 1 million tokens inputted and $15 per 1 million tokens outputted.

For example, lets say you have written a query that is 100K tokens, and the response from the language model is 10k tokens. You will be charged $0.5 for input and $0.15 for output.

AI & Privacy

When using AI it is always important to keep in mind how your data, queries and inputs are used. Users who use AI should be mindful of what is submitted, as this data can be used to improve the model and may be available to other users in the future. In its privacy policy, OpenAI acknowledges that the information used to train ChatGPT includes personal data. Open AI has a number of privacy settings that users can configure that enable the user to share or not share their data.

Business owners need to also be mindful of privacy when integrating AI into their products. For example, it is important for businesses to understand what data has been used to train the AI model on themselves and what could it potentially tell users about your business. There has been some high profile AI mishaps which show the potential dangers and pitfalls.


OpenAI’s GPT-4o is a groundbreaking language model that is now accessible to all. With a significant reduction in cost and impressive speed improvements, this cutting-edge technology is within reach for businesses of all sizes. By leveraging GPT-4o, companies can enhance their offerings and provide more value to their customers. Furthermore, this remarkable language model brings us closer to achieving natural and seamless computer-human interaction. To learn more about the endless possibilities GPT-4o presents, feel free to get in touch with us.

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