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Love Laugh Learning

Bookings and Ecommerce for Little Ones Who Love To Learn

Our team created a bespoke bookings and ecommerce website for a business based in Colchester who are passionate about children. They understand that every child is unique and want to support each child that comes to them to grow and develop, at their own pace. At SDS Click we enabled Love Laugh Learning to be fully online and streamline their booking process.
Love Laugh Learning website


Scalable Bookings And Ecommerce Platform

Our main goal for the website was to create an online ordering and booking system tailored to meet the specific requirements of Love Laugh Learning.

Firstly, we worked closely with Kristy to capture her brand and personality to find the best ways to convey them effectively on a website. It was crucial to encapsulate her unique personality, as it played a pivotal role in attracting parents back to her services.

Through the mouth of word and recommendations, her classes would quickly reach full capacity and it made sense to take the next step for growth.

This meant that a booking system was needed which would have a limited number of spaces and would stop selling once capacity was reached.

After the site was developed and launched, we were requested to manage the website on a long-term basis. It became clear to us that Kristy’s popularity was initially overlooked, several months into the management plan the website encountered latency issues due to a surge in website traffic, as numerous individuals were simultaneously attempting to book her classes.

We needed to find a solution, that could support this burst of users! 

Love Laugh Learning Desktop website showing the bookings and ecommerce website
Mobile view of the bookings and ecommerce website.


Dynamic scaling & cache

Love Laugh Learning has been under the management of SDS Click for several years. In keeping with our commitment to Kristy to guarantee the website’s efficiency and user-friendliness, we put our heads together to find the right solution to handle the sudden surges in user activity.

We approached this problem from two perspectives. The website required enhanced efficiency in its content delivery, as well as improved efficiency on the server side. 

When it came to the content management side of things, we recognised that implementing a rapid caching solution would contribute to optimising various content elements, including images, text, and smoothness of animations. We also started to serve content at the edge. 

As for the server side, it was essential to ensure the server could handle increased user spikes during specific periods. Implementing dynamic scaling for our server became a logical choice. What this means is that we can adjust the server’s memory dynamically to allocate more resources during peak usage times, such as when online bookings are open, and then scale back the server when the increased capacity is unnecessary.

This guarantees responsible server usage and aids the planet by minimising electricity consumption.

“I couldn’t rate Standout any higher! An incredibly professional and knowledgeable team who absolutely deliver on their promises! I felt totally out of my depth when it can to promoting my business and building my website, these guys made it stress free and left me with a fabulous shop window (website) and a great booking system all for an amazing price! Can’t thank you guys enough 5 stars ⭐️” – Kristy, Love Laugh Learning 



We optimised Love Laugh Learning to ensure quick loading of the resources.



Scaling the server when it was busy allowed us to serve all of their users.



Our plan ensures close communication and swift improvements. 

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