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H and H Comms

Providing a powerful visual editor for a UK top 10 internal communications agency

H&H Communications is an internal communications and employee experience award winning agency. With a high calibre clients lie Fujitsu, Ikea, DHL, Barclays, AngloAmerican and more, they needed a website that would portray their messages and make it easy to update internally. 

H&H Communications


Easy to use & update

H&H faced a distinctive challenge when they came to us. They had an established brand with explicit guidelines and design specifications aligned with their expectations. They had a website with the design they wanted, however, due to the platform chosen to build the site it was very challenging for their staff to perform frequent updates.

They had a bespoke website built, which meant that design features were hardcoded (literally!) and if they wanted to tweak the wording or change the placement of an image, this meant going back to developers and paying extra money for these updates.

This was not feasible long term, after carefully analysing their website and its design we suggested rebuilding a lookalike website, as the design schema was just like they wanted.

Our rebuild would facilitate simpler page updates, enhancing user-friendliness for clients and providing greater flexibility when updating existing pages or generating new blog pages.

We were ready for this bespoke challenge!

Web Design

Web Development


H&H Communications Desktop
H&H Communications Phone


Fully re-stacked website

The finished product was a 99% lookalike to the previous one!

One big difference though, now every page is easily updatable via Elementor, a visual editor, where they are now able to drag and drop text, images, videos, sections and more!

This was a huge challenge for the team, as we needed to backport around 70 pages of content and unique design features whilst ensuring that the design we used can easily be used by the H&H team. We provided H&H with multiple templates to use for new pages, with different design features and a couple of training sessions showcasing the new and improved system.



Visual editor made sure that H&H team could update site easily. 



SDS Click provided multiple templates, which made page creation quicker.



H&H has now flexibility to edit, change design and improve the site.

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