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Rapid Tech

Crafting a strong online presence for a laptop repair and hardware retailer based in Hertfordshire

Rapid Tech Ltd is a local computer shop. They offer laptop, computer and custom PC builds and repairs as well as maintenance. SDS Click was to help Rapid Tech get an online presence and present their services in a clean and simple way.

Rapid Tech Website


Clean, simple & fresh

Our goal for the website was to create a modern and user-friendly website that accurately represents Rapid Tech Ltd.

Our designers and content writers approached this project by gaining a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirements. The designers displayed dedication by recreating a digital version of the Rapid Tech logo, which the customer unfortunately no longer had possession of.

Once the SEO optimised content was ready our designers created an interactive design using Figma (a prototyping tool used in UI/UX design), which allowed Rapid Tech to visualise their website as if it was already live on their computer screen.

Our main focus was directed towards showcasing the store’s services and products, this was achieved by strategically utilising imagery and its placement.

The end result was a completely new and fresh website, which was clean, simple and user-friendly. 

Web Design

Web Development


Rapid Tech Ltd Desktop
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Website launch!

We were finally ready to launch the Rapid Tech website! But how did we get there?

Once the designs were approved and signed off by Rapid Tech these were then passed over to our web developers.

The developers now had all the required content, SEO snippets, design layout and imagery needed to complete the build out of the website.

As such we followed clean design principles and allowed the content to breathe with space and clean design choices. The benefit of having a clean and simple website is that it makes your website user-friendly and easy to use.



Rapid Tech website follows clean design principles, with spaced out sections.



Keeping it simple and straight forward allows to focus on what is important.



Simplicity and clean design combined together made this website user-friendly.

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