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UK DeedPoll Service

Creating a Strong Performing Ecommerce Website

We created a high performing ecommerce website for UK DeedPoll Service. The UK’s main and most experienced provider of Deed Poll documentation in the UK, having issued over 700,000 Deed Polls. Their specialisation lies in providing you with legal documentation when you want to change your name. They required a system to streamline and enhance their processes. This is where SDS Click stepped in.
UK DeedPoll Service website


Modern solution

The goal for UK DeedPoll Serivce was to establish an ecommerce solution. They required a system capable of efficiently collecting all necessary customer information and securely processing payments automatically. Additionally, UK DeedPoll Service aimed to integrate contemporary payment solutions such as Klarna, Stripe, and Paypal, among others.

Previously, the system at UK DeedPoll Service was only semi-electronic. They had a contact form with detailed questions, requiring a customer service representative to verify crucial details such as the delivery address and apply discounts for multiple applications and more.

That is a substantial workload for a business, especially considering the potential volume of sales they can generate on a daily basis!

One of the main requirements was to streamline and simplify their operations. SDS Click aimed to innovate their existing methods and ensure minimal disruption to the services they were providing.

Therefore, our goal was to establish an ecommerce functionality with diverse options, enhancing the payment flexibility and integrating the system with Stripe, Klarna, and PayPal to facilitate global sales for the UK DeedPoll Service

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Optimised workflow

As a result, SDS Click integrated ecommerce within the existing website of the UK DeedPoll Service.

We needed to ensure that the workflow for various types of deed polls was customised and that questions asked would generate the appropriate responses or trigger additional questions. This required the integration of conditional logic to achieve the desired results.

We also had to ensure the accuracy of their shipping methods, which varied based on the shipment’s origin. For example, someone could pay from Bolivia but have the item shipped to the UK! Imagine the complexity of handling such scenarios.

Moreover, we had to electronically and securely transmit all the information collected online to the UK DeedPoll Service. The information had to be organised in a structured manner so that customer service representatives could quickly identify fields and rely on its accuracy.

To ensure reliability, we implemented a cloud solution with bespoke code to guarantee the seamless delivery of applications. Our systems routinely checked for any missed deliveries, automatically triggering resend processes to both the customer and the UK DeedPoll Service if necessary. This approach allowed us to achieve a robust system with a delivery success rate exceeding 99.5%.

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Cloud solution was implemented to ensure email reliability.



Automated e-commerce solution had replaced a manual process. 



We have customised ecommerce to DeedPoll needs.

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