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Spray Tanker Services Ltd

WordPress & Hosting for Market Leaders In Road Resurfacing

Spray Tanker Services are market leaders in the specialist field of road resurfacing. They have been in operation since 2003, as they have been in the industry for so long, maintaining an updated digital presence can pose challenges. SDS Click aimed to make their site modern, clean, and representative of their business.
Spray Tanker Services website


Upgrade with a new look

Our objective for this website project was to elevate its aesthetics and ensure it stands out within the road resurfacing and repair industry.

In our initial consultation with Spray Tanker Services, we delved into both the legal and design aspects, we were provided with the brand guidelines and the necessary accreditations that needed to be displayed.

Drawing insights from these discussions, we gained a clear understanding of the desired look and feel, aligning it with industry standards in the UK. Our aim was to create a website that exuded a modern, fresh appearance and offered user-friendly navigation.

Our team got to work with the design of layouts, images, and the overall feel. Once the foundational structure was established, we focused on enhancing the site through targeted SEO i and strategic keyword integration.

Web Design

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Beat your competition

After completing the design phase and fine-tuning all essential content checks, we shifted our attention to performance. SDS Click is dedicated to ensuring optimal website performance, a standard upheld in every website project we undertake.

How did we achieve that?

Our hosting packages provide fast and reliable website availability with nearly zero downtime.

We also focus on the little details, taking time to optimise both images and content. We try to ensure that your images are web ready to enable fast loading on any device, whether it’s an older mobile phone or the latest iPhone.

This result?

Another happy customer with a modern website that is both user-friendly and optimised for different devices.



Spray Tanker Services is now a modern website, following latest trends. 



The website is easy to navigate, making it simple to find information.



We ensured with metadata and keywords that search engines can read the site. 

Why choose SDS Click?

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